Round-the-clock emergency room

베스티안 야간 건물사진

Bestian Seoul Hospital is
the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.

Prompt treatment and surgery of the specialists in the Department of Emergency Medicine are possible for 24 hours in emergency incidents in the area.
It’s the system that operates joint treatment with specialists in each treatment department if possible. If emergency surgery is required, the system that prompt surgery is possible has been operated.

Prompt and accurate emergency treatment through cooperation

It has done its best to treat emergency patients promptly and safely with high-tech first aid equipment and facilities including a radiographic room, a CT room, an emergency clinicopathologic room, and an emergency ultrasound room for emergency patients. It has made efforts to look after their safety and save their lives through mutual cooperation with several emergency medical centers and 119 emergency services in the area.

응급차 내부사진
Ask applications of the
emergency room
  • The hospital administration of the emergency room receives applications for your treatment for 24 hours.
  • You can get treatment when you ask applications after filling in a patient registration form.
  • Please undergo the hospitalization process in the hospital administration of the emergency room if hospitalization is determined after getting treatment in the emergency room.
Information line of
emergency medical centers
  • TEL.: 82-2-3287-3600
Making appointments with doctors

If you make appointments with your doctors,
you can quickly receive treatment.

Adults / Young children’s burns : 82-70-7609-9252

Burn reconstruction : 82-70-7609-9068

Inquiries about endoscopy : 82-70-7609-9319

Health examination center : 82-70-7609-9916

Emergency room operated for 24 hours

It’s the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.