Adults’ burns

Adult burn center has been with patients
ranging from burns from daily life to burns due to disasters

Bestian has always been with the site of burns.
Bestian has always been with the site of burns ranging from burns that they suffer while they are cooking and burns due to sunlight in vacation season to Icheon Refrigerated Warehouse Fire which killed 30 persons.

Among them, the adult burns are the central axis of the burn center. It has made a contribution to the development of the burn field by developing new treatments and treatment materials as the self-studies as well as has provided a high standard of medical services about treatment and surgery widely used in burn treatment.

베스티안 회의 및 수술사진

The adult burn center
treats patients like this.


Customized treatment

The depth of burns is determined within 3 to 5 days after patients get hurt. And customized treatment is provided according to patients’ condition.


Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is determined within 2 weeks. Hospitalization is determined according to patients’ condition.

Patients with burns
  • First aid
  • Burn examination
  • Check the results
  • Customized treatment
Determining surgery
  • Surgical treatment
  • Non-surgical treatment
Making appointments with doctors

If you make appointments with your doctors,
you can quickly receive treatment.

Adults / Young children’s burns : 82-70-7609-9252

Burn reconstruction : 82-70-7609-9068

Inquiries about endoscopy : 82-70-7609-9319

Health examination center : 82-70-7609-9916

Emergency room operated for 24 hours

It’s the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.