About the department

Pediatrics hopes that children who become light of the world will healthy

Your children who have always been with cough and runny nose, often have diarrhea, and can be exposed to more infectious diseases because of weak immune systems. Specialists of pediatrics treat them with the greatest care like their moms’ care.


Professional treatment fields

  • Infant examination
  • Pediatric Pulmonology diseases
  • Pediatric infectious diseases
  • Pediatric digestive diseases
  • Allergic diseases
  • Vaccination

About the medical team

  • Each treatment schedule is applied for the following period.
  • Schedule period : 2024.04.01 ~ 2024.04.30
  • Today’s date : 2024.04.16.Tuesday
최종위 과장

Manager Choi, Jong-wi

Manager Choi, Jong-wi’s schedule
Treatment subject Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
Morning 13, 27th of every month
  • Remarks : Please check your consultation hours when you make an appointment with the doctor and visit the hospital because they can be changeable due to circumstances.
  • : Medical treatment
  • : Closed
  • Graduated from Medical School of Yonsei University.
  • Master of Medical Science, Medical School, Yonsei University
  • Outside professor of Yonsei University
  • Manager of Pediatrics, Gaya Hospital
  • Manager of Yeongdeungpo Myeong Pediatrics
  • Director of Choi Jongwi Pediatrics Clinic
  • Manager of Pediatrics, DAVOS Hospital in Yongin
  • Manager of Pediatrics Gangwon Samsung Hospital
  • Consultative of Pediatrics in BEBE House
  • Contributed 20 articles to infant care magazines including Enfant
  • Notorious Nursing Care Book (Joint author) / Woongjin Living House / January 31, 2007
  • MBC/KBS News
  • Nursing care channel, Medical TV, etc.
Making appointments with doctors

If you make appointments with your doctors,
you can quickly receive treatment.

Adults / Young children’s burns : 82-70-7609-9252

Burn reconstruction : 82-70-7609-9068

Inquiries about endoscopy : 82-70-7609-9319

Health examination center : 82-70-7609-9916

Emergency room operated for 24 hours

It’s the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.