Time to visit patients in the hospital

Visiting hours
The Integrated Nursing and Care Services General wards Intensive Burn Care Unit
12:00 ~ 14:00 07:30 ~ 22:00 08:30 ~ 09:00(Morning)
12:30 ~ 13:00(Lunch)
18:00~20:00 17:30 ~ 18:00(Evening)

If limits to visit patients in the hospital are required,

  • The following persons are limited to visit patients in the hospital unavoidably for their safety and protection.
호흡기 질환자, 급성 장 관계 감염자, 피부 병변이 있는 사람, 감염성 질환자 접촉 경력이 있는 사람
  • 1Patients with respiratory diseases including cough or flu, etc.
  • 2Infected persons related to acute enteritis (Diarrhea, stomachache, vomit, etc.)
  • 3Persons with skin lesion
  • 4The persons who recently contacted patients with infectious diseases

Cautions in visiting patients in the hospital

  • 1Please make sure to visit patients in the hospital at the appointed time for making them get better soon and psychological stability.
  • 2The groups who visit patients in the hospital are not allowed.
  • 3Please wash your hands thoroughly and follow cough etiquette before and after visiting patients in the hospital.
  • 4Pets, flowers, and flowerpots are not allowed to be in hospital rooms because they cause infections.
Making appointments with doctors

If you make appointments with your doctors,
you can quickly receive treatment.

Adults / Young children’s burns : 82-70-7609-9252

Burn reconstruction : 82-70-7609-9068

Inquiries about endoscopy : 82-70-7609-9319

Health examination center : 82-70-7609-9916

Emergency room operated for 24 hours

It’s the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.