Information on hospitalization/discharge from hospital

What is the integrated nursing and care services?

The comprehensive nursing and care services that can faithfully care patients are provided for them. The nursing work force completely provides the hospitalization services for patients even though their guardians or caregivers do not stay with them by operating the team nursing system consisting of nurses and nursing auxiliaries and improving ward environment.

Expectancy effects by conducting
the integrated nursing and care services?

간호간병서비스 사진

First, qualitative improvement the medical services for hospitalization

Can continue to provide general nursing for patients and reinforce nurses’ responsibility about nursing them. Safety supervision of patients is reinforced by improving hospital rooms’ environment and comfortable wards can be operated because their guardians or caregivers do not stay with them.

계산기, 그래프사진

Second, the reduction of social and financial burdens due to nursing patients

Financial burdens according to private employment of caregivers and social costs as their families nurse them are reduced. And the total medical costs are reduced by preventing waste of the unnecessary medical services.


Third, improvement of patients’ self-nursing ability and promotion of early recovery.

Education and counseling supports patients to return to normal life so that they can solve their normal activities provided by their guardians or caregivers by themselves.

The principle of the integrated nursing and care services?

  • The integrated nursing and care services continue to be provided for patients for 24 hours per day.
  • The nursing services are provided for serious patients by grasping their nursing demands based on the classification.
  • All the nursing services are provided by the professional nursing work force and maintains consistency by operating the nursing work force-centered nursing system and exchanging information with each other.
  • Assesses and plans problems and demands targeting patients and their guardians when they are hospitalized and evaluate how the nursing services are provided.
  • Provides standardized nursing according to defined guidelines of each medical institution.

The criteria to select recipients of the integrated nursing and care services?

  • It’s the patients that their doctors who responsible for them in the treatment departments judge to be suitable for being hospitalized through their overall details including their physical, mental, and social aspects even though their seriousness and various disease groups are not separately classified as all the persons who agree to use wards.
  • 병Emergency patients who need emergency surgery or procedures among the patients who are hospitalized can preferentially be considered to be done.

The criteria that guardians and visitors always stay with patients?

All the guardians and visitors cannot always stay with patients in their hospital rooms. If the medical teams judge to make them stay with them including heir decision making, they can temporarily stay with them.

If guardians need to stay with their patients according to the medical teams’ judgement.

  • If patients are dying or their condition worsens,
  • If patients’ guardians ask the hospital to stay with their patients in the hospital because emotional support is required for young children,

The criteria that guardians and visitors visit patients in the hospital?

People should visit patients in the hospital at the appointed time and the time and how to visit patients in the hospital can autonomically be operated according to the regulations of the hospital.

The rules to be followed in visiting patents in the hospital

  • Please make sure to visit patients in the hospital at the appointed time for making them get better soon and psychological stability.
  • The groups who visit patients in the hospital are not allowed.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly and follow cough etiquette before and after visiting patients in the hospital.
  • Pets, flowers, and flowerpots are not allowed to be in hospital rooms because they cause infections.
The integrated nursing and care services’ ward
TEL for inquiries Ward
82-70-7609-9912 The integrated nursing and care services’ ward in Bestian Hospital
Bestian Hospital observes patients’ condition and provides nursing intervention for them promptly and accurately for 24 hours..

Patient monitoring facilities as the facility to solve observation demands of patients (Monitor to observe patients, etc.),

Safety facilities for patients (Anti-falling safety bars and calling bell used for calling nurses) are equipped.

Making appointments with doctors

If you make appointments with your doctors,
you can quickly receive treatment.

Adults / Young children’s burns : 82-70-7609-9252

Burn reconstruction : 82-70-7609-9068

Inquiries about endoscopy : 82-70-7609-9319

Health examination center : 82-70-7609-9916

Emergency room operated for 24 hours

It’s the only regional emergency room in Gangnam and Seocho.